Best ATV Sprayers For Money 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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NorthStar High Flow Best ATV Sprayer with Boom

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Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer Best Budget Sprayer

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BE AGRIEase 90.700.150

ATV Sprayers are most commonly used in spraying pesticides in the field. It’s an easy and safer option than others. For large gardens or farms, spraying is always difficult, and that’s why we have created a list of best ATV sprays in the market. 

We know that spraying is part of the job and we need to make sure that we can cover more areas in a short time. That’s why it’s important to find the best ATV sprayer so that it will reduce your work and complete the task. 

In this article, we have added some of the best sprayers in the market. Most people prefer a rear-mounted ATV sprayer, so we have a focus on that, but we have also included pull behind ATV sprayer as well so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Best ATV Sprayers 2020

Chapin is one of the best and reliable companies when it comes to ATV Sprayer. It’s made to fit any ATV or UTV and even on lawn tractors. It’s easy to use and has a dripless sprayer for better ground coverage. It has a 15-gallon tank that is chemical resistant and made from non-corrosive material and that’s why we have added Chapin 97300 in our best ATV sprayer list. This ATV sprayer tank is translucent and has a big 5-inch opening for filling, mixing, or draining and cleaning of the tank. 

The sprayer has a 2.0 GPM rate of spraying and a 12v diaphragm pump that can deliver a maximum pressure of 60psi. That helps the sprayer to spray at 30ft vertical and 26ft horizontal distance. It has a double filtration system that stops anything that blocks the nozzle which makes its lifespan last longer. It has a 15foot reinforced hose and a 7foot coverage spray boom. This ATV sprayer comes with a manifold with a pressure gauge and a Comfort Grip lock. To make sure that this ATV sprayer tank stays stable, it comes with 5-foot ratchet straps.

For someone who has a big farm or larger space to spray, they need a bigger tank, and that’s why we have included NorthStar High Flow in our best ATV sprayers. The tank itself has an extra-thick walled polymer tank design that offers superior crack, leak, and chemical resistance. One of the biggest advantages it has is 5.5GPM flow for continuous spraying without any downtime waiting for the motor to cool. Patented DXS-3 pump valves are made with chemical-resistant Viton that is faster priming, better performance, and longer life Regulator. It comes with a pressure gauge and deluxe trigger spray gun for fine-tuning of spray pressure. 

This ATV sprayer also comes with Boom spray which can be attached for spraying at wider spaces. It has a 7-nozzle boom sprays which ranged at extra-wide 11.7ft. The pattern is wider with selective left/center/right boom control for full broadcast, narrow strip, and perimeter spraying. NorthStar High Flow also comes with a spray gun that can deliver up to 22foot maximum vertical spray height and 33foot maximum horizontal spray distance. The tank has a 7.5-inch big lid for easier filling and the bottom mount tank drainer helps you clean the tank in no time. 

Not everyone is looking for big tanks with more gallons, some people are looking for smaller tank sizes and Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer is the best ATV sprayer for them. It has an 8-gallon tank which is UV-proof and works with all kinds of chemicals. With this tank, you will get an Ironton pump that has durable chemical-resistant Santoprene and Viton components. The tank has a gallon marker on the surface so that you can monitor the liquid amount. 

For ease of use, it has an in-line switch so that you can turn on/off without moving from your seat. Tank size is measures 22*13*10 inches and weighs only 10lbs. It has a 3.5-inch big lid so that you can fill it, mix formula in it or drain it. For better drainage, it has an easy empty bottom drain. A spray gun is also included with Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer, which has a 12 foot vertical and 20-foot horizontal maximum spray distance and sprayer nozzle adjuster. 

Precision Products is one of the recognized names in gardening and farm equipment and their ATV sprayer tank is no different. Precision TCS15 has a 15-gallon capacity and is made from durable polyethylene material that is non-corrosive. Also, it has a gallon marker molded outside so that you would always know how much is in the tank. 

The sprayers have 1.0GPM flow rate and 12V Shurflow pump that can generate pressure up to 60psi.  It also has an 8-inch detachable power harness and clamps for use with the 12v battery. It has Thumb control with adjustable tips and 15′ hose. We have added this to our best ATV sprayer list because of all these features and ease of use.

BE AGRIEase is specially designed for agricultural uses. It can be mounted on any lightweight vehicle such as ATV, UTV, or minitractors. Because of its compatibility with the various vehicles, this is one of the best selling ATV sprayers in the market. It has a 15-gallon tank made out of heavy-duty polyethylene material and weighs around 18lbs. The size of this ATV sprayer is around 35*16*13 inches which is a perfect size to mount easily on the back of an ATV. 

A spot wand is also included and has an adjustable tip and hose. Now when we talk about ATV Sprayer, we also need to look at the specifications as well. It has a 12V pump that can generate 1.0GPM. It has a 15-inch handgun hose, 18-inch lever handgun, and adjustable cone spray nozzle. The BE AGRIEase 15-gallon tank also comes with alligator clips for battery, large lid for filling, and drainage at the bottom for cleaning.

We have talked about mounted ATV sprayers, now let’s talk about tow behind ATV sprayer. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer is one of the best ATV sprayers in the market in the Tow-behind category. One of the biggest advantages it has is, there is no need to put it on the ATV. most customers always complained about how their ATV sprayer is loose and doesn’t quite fit properly. To eliminate that problem, Tow-behind is the solution. Once we eliminate the mounting problem, we can buy bigger tanks, such as this one which has a 21-gallon capacity. 

Now we don’t have to worry about fitting as this one is a proprietary tank design. It has an extra thick wall with UV resistance and compatible with any chemicals. It has a 12V pump that can deliver up to 2.2GPM and 70psi maximum pressure. It has Honeywell MICRO SWITCH for enhanced durability and efficiency. It has an inbuilt Boom that can cover 120inch spray width and 80inch width, you can also attach your boom for more customization. Northstar has control system pressure and fluid agitation with regulator and pressure gauge. 

There is a spot sprayer gun also included with this ATV sprayer which has gun nozzle adjusts from cone to stream and shoots 19foots vertically and 30foots horizontally. When we talk about tow behind ATV spray, we also need to address the Rugged powder-coated steel cart with a large 12in. pneumatic wheels that can withstand any place. 

Buying Guide for Best ATV Sprayer

We have mentioned some of the best ATV sprayers in the market, but if you are still confused about which one to buy, for them, we have created a buying guide just for that purpose. Here are some of the facts and features you need to look for before you buy any ATV sprayer.

Basically there are two types of ATV sprayers in the market.

Tow behind or pull behind

This type of ATV sprayer will tow behind your ATV and spray on the ground. no need to find the perfect size as it won’t be mounted on the back of your ATV. you can purchase a bigger size as now you can just tow it behind. many other features come with it. Most people have a problem with this type of sprayer because it’s more expensive and uses more towing power.


This type of ATV sprayer is just simply mounted on the back of your ATV. you need to make sure that you pick the perfect size of the tank to fit on the back. you can easily manage to spray around your property and make changes without worrying. they are more affordable than others.

Frequency of use

If you are using this ATV sprayer two or three times per year then no need to buy expensive and others. but if you use them more often, then make sure to go for a more durable ATV sprayer. thick plastic, UV-resistance, and heavy-duty made is the best choice.


If you have a smaller place, you can go for any ATV sprayer with spot spray and make do, or small Boom. but if you have a bigger farm or property, then go for a bigger tank, bigger boom. you can work with a smaller tank but you also need to fill it often and a smaller boom will not cover the maximum area.


Most ATV sprayer comes with a 12V pump which is perfect for every use. However, you can go for better pumps as well or better specifications, such as psi and GPM.

Pressure and Flow rate

As we talked about it in the pumps, you can find the perfect ATV sprayer by finding your need first. For a bigger area, you need more pressure and flow rate. A higher flow rate means more area covered and a short time.

Tank capacity

How big is the place we are talking about? if it’s too big then find a bigger tank, if it’s smaller than a medium tank can make do. a medium-size tank can hold up to 15 or 16 gallons and that is sufficient. if you need bigger than go for a 25 or 26-gallon tank. We suggest that for a small farm, 8 or 10 gallons is enough.


It’s important to know which type of accessory you will be using on your ATV sprayer. dripless booms, trigger, or spot spray. Sometimes you will find the best ATV sprayer with all this attachment in one box or sometimes you need to buy it separately. make sure to check the box content before buying it.


Last but not least is durability. We know that it will be mounted behind or tow behind an ATV and go through some rough terrain, so make sure to buy a good product with durability. also for sprayers and hose, sometimes they crack after uses, never go for a cheap one, always buy a better product.

Best ATV Sprayer FAQ

1.What is the best ATV sprayer?

Chapin 97300 is one of the Best ATV sprayers in the market right now. It’s one of the most trusted companies and delivers some of the best features which can be used everywhere.

2.Best Budget ATV Sprayer?

Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly ATV sprayer in the market.

3.What is the Best ATV Sprayer with Boom?

NorthStar High Flow is considered the best Boom ATV sprayer. It has 7 nozzles and covers 11.7 foot wide area.

4.What is the Best ATV sprayer pull behind?

NorthStar Tow-Behind is one of the best in the market when we talk about pull behind ATV sprayer. 

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