Best Automatic Chicken Coop Doors 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Are you a chicken farmer? Then you must know the hassle of keeping your chicken safe and at the same time set them free for some time. To eliminate all problems, we have selected some of the best automatic chicken doors in the market.

There are hundreds of automatic chicken doors in the market, but not all of them are useful to you. You need to find a perfect mechanism and method for your chicken coop so that you don’t need to worry about it later.

Most automatic chicken doors come with timers and light sensors. That makes your job easier because the light sensor will automatically open the door at dawn and close it at dusk. With the timer, you can set a specific time for your chicken door to open and close. 

You also need to know about chicken door sliding methods. Most of them work with slower automatic opening and closing movement but some of others use gravity to slide back. Both of them are widely used, but in this article, we have only included automatic sliding. With gravity closing, your chicken might get stuck between doors or get hurt. Some units have sensors that can detect that if there is a chicken under the door or not, if there is a chicken blocking the door, it will stop for a moment and when it passes, the door will close.

The automatic chicken door is all about your convenience. No one likes to wake up at dawn and go outside in the cold to open the chicken door. At night, it’s the same situation. Also, you cannot go out for dinner or on the weekend, because you need to be there every time for opening and closing. Automatic chicken doors will give you free time by operating on its own and you don’t need to rush home to check if your chicken is still outside. 

It’s also about safety, most animals would wait till the night and then attack chickens on their farm. Automatic chicken doors make sure that no animal can enter the hen house. Most chicken doors are made of heavy-duty aluminum so that it won’t move by those animals.

Best Automatic Chicken Coop Doors 2020

Cheeper Keeper is one of the best automatic chicken door in the market because of its simple design and features. It’s made in Germany and it has everything you could think of. You need a chicken door that can make sure that it will close at dusk and open at dawn so that your chicken gets an ample amount of time outside. 

Cheeper Keeper comes with an adjustable light sensor which makes sure that chicken doors opened at the right time and closed before dark. It has sensors that automatically detect if a chicken is under the door or not and adjust the speed of closing. It has 8.5 inches by 13 inches polished aluminum door and this system is enclosed so that nothing can get inside. All you need to do is attach the door and sensor and forget the rest. It has AA batteries which can last for months, which means it doesn’t require outside wiring. This type of automatic chicken door is best for mobile chicken coop as well.  

Chicken doors are important, we have established that but how much work you need to put in to make them operational. One problem everyone faces is the change of sunrise and sunset time and you need to set your automatic chicken door every day. The auto door has solved this problem by automatic location sunrise and sunset mode. It means you don’t need to set it, it will automatically open and close the chicken door based on the location. 

This Automatic chicken door offers four modes, Sunrise/sunset, timer, manual & override, and latecomers. You can set your chicken door for any of these settings and if your chicken accidentally left outside, the “latecomers” option will make sure they get in. Because of all these features and more, we have added this to our best automatic chicken door list. It has a predator-proof heavy-duty aluminum door with a composite frame that will not rust, rot or warp. It’s run on four AA batteries, electric power, or solar power, some equipment needs to be purchased separately.

Sometimes when readymade items won’t fit your need and you have to make a DIY chicken door, Add-A-Motor will help you do that. This is one of the simplest and easy to set up units and that’s why we have added it to our best automatic chicken door list. This automatic chicken door motor has timing mode, which means you don’t need to depend on sunlight and set the timer for opening and closing. This device can connect to any type of door, wooden, aluminum, or plastic and it can carry weight up to 10 pounds, so no need to put any counterweight.

Add-A-Motor can lift the coop door up to 25 inches, which can easily fit any type of chicken. It has a safety connector that reduces damage extent if the door jams or is blocked. The whole unit comes with a motor, mounting hardware, AC-DC Adapter, lift-cable. One of the best things about this device is, it’s much cheaper than the rest of the automatic chicken door and you can customize it with any door or timers. 

Chickengaurd is one of the best Automatic Chicken Door in the market because of its features and reliable mechanism. It has 3 models, standard, premium, and extreme. We have selected an extreme version because it has a timer and light sensor. You can also manually select the setting as per your convenience. You can go for other models as well if you have already built the automatic door setting in your coop. 

It has a door lifting capacity of 8 lbs and the durable cord has a breaking strain of 50lbs. It has an integrated LCD so you can set the timer and setting. With big buttons, you can manually open and close the door. The circuit board comes in a military-grade weatherproof enclosure for safety. Four AA batteries are included with this unit which can last for more than 6 months. With a timer or light sensor can be adjusted in four hours range.

Brinsea has created some of the best products for poultry and this Automatic chicken door has the same quality standard. This unit uses a timer and light sensor technology to open and close doors. This all in one design is made of a military-grade microprocessor which makes sure that the chicken door opens and closes at the right time. It can work efficiently in a 5 to 120°f temperature operating range.

You can use this automatic chicken door unit with manual door control and in fail-safe mode. The door lifting mechanism can support up to 2.5lbs which is standard weight range for any automatic chicken door. Also, it has a low battery indicator and a closing indicator which can be seen from 100 yards. Brinsea automatic chicken door control has an LCD monitor and a big button to operate. All of these features and many others are the reason why we have included this to our best automatic chicken door list. 

JVR is a household name for the automatic chicken door. This unit has a Large Hinged Door which is 11.8-inch by 12.60-inch in size which is fit for most chickens and ducks. The chicken door can be controlled by a timer and an LCD screen. The automatic chicken door can be set to, open at morning and close at evening, you can also programme ahead for 7 days.

The circuit box is transparent, it also has weather and waterproof design casing. We have added this to our best Automatic chicken door list because of two things. First it has Heavy-duty aluminum alloy door which can withstand any type of weather. Second, for pulling up and down, it has a linear actuator arm. Company claim that even black bears won’t be able to open the door with this setting. It’s a simple product, attach the door opener and plug the cable and start operating.

Titan incubator has created so many products which are helping thousands of poultry farmers in the world. This automatic chicken door came with a hen house design which looks has an LCD screen and you can set it by a timer or light sensor. It will make sure that the door will close on time and open on time for your chicken to go out. Design is stylish and made from weatherproof material. 

Titan incubator automatic chicken door has a big LCD screen and big button to set timing or change it. You can see the LCD screen from 100 yards. It can lift up to 2lbs of chicken door which is a standard size for any chicken door. This automatic chicken door operates on 4 AA batteries which is situated on the side of this circuit case which is easily accessible.

Automatic Chicken Door Buying Guide

We have listed some of the best automatic chicken doors in the market in this article. but if you are still confused about which one to buy, then this buying guide will help you find the right product.

Power Source

You can attach it to your main power source, solar power, or batteries as well. One of the main problems with the electric grid is, power could go off anytime and if that happens, the door won’t open or close. Solar power is a great option but won’t work on cloudy days. One of the best options is a battery-powered automatic chicken door. With a battery, you can set it up on a mobile chicken coop too, but it will be useful because then your automatic door controller can work independently without any worries. 

Circuit Box

It’s important to find a heavy-duty circuit box because the whole machinist is dependent on that. Most of the unit came with a weather-proof case, some of them are made from military-grade material and can work in extreme weather. 

Working Mechanism 

There are two types of door operating mechanism. Timer or light sensor. Most of the Automatic chicken door comes with a light sensor, which operates in the dusk to dawn range. But with a light sensor, they can be triggered by headlights or other light sources. It’s better to have a timer so that you can schedule the door opening and closing time. 

Door Size And Weight 

Most Chicken doors have a standard size of 12” x 15” which is in range of most chicken and goes. You can choose any other size as well for your preference. Door weight is important so that other animals won’t lift the door and enter the chicken house. You need to check the specification in your Automatic chicken door to know how much weight it can lift. A better option is the aluminum door, they are heavy duty and weigh less. 

We hope this buying guide will help you find what kind of method and unit you are looking for. If you have more questions, then you can check our Frequently asked question part. 

Automatic Chicken Door FAQ

1.What is the best automatic chicken door?

Cheeper Keeper Automatic Chicken Door is one of the best automatic chicken doors in the market. Its best-seller on amazon because of its many features which makes it the perfect choice.

2.How do automatic chicken doors work?

Automatic chicken doors work on simple mechanisms. There is a circuit board that is connected to a cord, the cord is connected to the door. When you set a time or if it has a light sensor then at the right time, the chicken door is being lifted for the chicken to go out. At night, it closes down on the scheduled time or at dusk, after all the chicken is safe inside the chicken house. 

3.What is the most cheap automatic chicken door?

Auto Door Automatic Chicken Door is one of the most affordable chicken doors in the market. The door lifting mechanism operates on a timer and has a latecomer setting for chicken which is left outside after the door is closed. 

4.What is the best heavy-duty automatic chicken door? 

JVR Automatic Chicken Door is one of the most toughest and heavy-duty automatic chicken doors. The company claims that with a linear actuator arm, even black bears cannot open this door.


In this article, we have listed some of the best automatic chicken doors in the market. We have also included a buying guide as well so that you would know which type of features and spec you need for your automatic chicken door.

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