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Every homeowner’s biggest nightmare is sewer blockage or damage. The quickest way to find what is blocking your sewer is to send in a sewer camera. That’s why we have a list of best cheap sewer cameras you can use to find out the reason for blocking or leaking.

Most often when you buy sewer cameras, you are preventing those nightmare costs of repair. You are saving yourself of so many charges of professionals who will inspect with a sewer camera and their charges are the same as sewer camera prices.

That’s why it’s important that you buy a sewer camera so that you can find those blockages and damaged parts quickly and easily. We have listed some of the best cheap sewer cameras in the market in this article and also a buying guide for you. 

Best Cheap Sewer Camera 2020

Ridgid sewer camera is a heavy-duty sewer camera that comes with a high-resolution camera, handheld monitor, and 30-meter long insertion probe wound on a reel. The housing unit for that reel is a durable casing that has 4 stands. This Ridgid sewer camera unit requires 24V DC power which can be delivered by 2 12-volts rechargeable Lithium-ion DC batteries. 

The camera on this unit is a CA-350 digital inspection camera that has a resolution up to 510pixels by 410pixels that can deliver a clearer view of the sewer. It has a 512Hz Sonde transmitter and 6 LED lights for better visibility in dark. The dimension of this unit is 18.5*13.5*24inches and weighs around 11 pounds which can be considered as portable and lightweight design. 

The camera is  37.6mm long and 25mm in diameter. The inspection probe is thinner than the camera and has a diameter of 6.7mm. Because of all this feature, we have added this to our Best cheap sewer camera list. 

Sewer cameras need to be portable and with more functions as well and that’s why we have to include HBUDS in our best cheap sewer camera list. This camera unit comes with a heavy-duty aluminum briefcase shaped case that contains all the important equipment. In the case, you will find a 7inch LCD screen to monitor the camera, cable, battery, connector, and remote to operate the camera. 

It has 4000mAh and 7.4V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery For LED light and LCD. the cable is 20 meters or 65 feet long which is good enough for home-usage. The dimension of this case is 15.8*14.2*7inches and weigh around 13.35 pound. The camera is IP68 waterproof and housing made from stainless-steel 304 is 45mm long and 23mm in diameter and its viewing angle is 75 degrees.

The camera has 12 LED light that provides better visuals in dark. This is one of the affordable and cheap sewer cameras in the market which comes with a portable and handy case. 

What is better than the best cheap sewer camera? It’s a dual sewer camera. Teslong sewer inspection camera comes with dual camera and LED lights for more visibility and more viewing angle. This sewer camera unit came with 5 meters or 16.4feet cable and 4.5 LCD screen with toughened glass. The high-resolution camera can produce a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. 

Teslong sewer camera is 8mm in diameter and it has 6 LED light which has 3 adjustable modes. This whole unit is just 3 parts, one handheld monitor, 5-meter cable, and camera. The whole unit is around 4.1 pound and that makes it portable and lightweight in this category. The dual camera gives a 140-degree viewing angle and helps identify the problem from the side as well.   

This sewer camera has a built-in 32GB memory card for saving videos and images. All this equipment comes in a waterproof and hard case. It has 18650 lithium-ion batteries for 2600mAh and can work for 6 hours after fully charged.

For sewer camera, the length of the cable does matters and that’s why we have add tiang in our best cheap sewer camera list. It has a 30-meter inspection probe cable and 7 inch LCD so that you could reach further. It comes in a durable aluminum case that looks professional. It has a 4500mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which can work for more than 9 hours after a full charge.

The dimension of this unit is 16.9*15*8.3inches and weigh around 13.45 pound which is portable. It comes with 720P DVR in which it has a 64GB card slot and a resolution of 720pixels X 576pixels. The LCD display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 480Px800P resolution.

This sewer camera has a diameter of 23mm and 12 LED lights. This camera has a 92-degree viewing angle that can find any blockage or foreign object easily. This unit also comes with one 8GB memory card free of cost.

What is a truly portable sewer camera? It’s one pound sewer camera. Yes, Bluefire sewer camera weighs around 1.1 pounds and have 10 meters long fiberscope. This one is different from other sewer cameras as there is no screen and anything else. The total unit is just one wifi Borescope and cable with a camera. You just need to connect it with your Apple or Android phone to watch the camera footage. Because of all this feature, we have included Bluefire ibn our best cheap sewer camera.

Bluefire sewer camera has 6 LED lights and 2 MP cameras. You can record it at 720P and have a 500mAh battery. You will find a USB to MicroUSB charging cable, a hook, magnet, and side mirror with this unit. the camera has an IP67 waterproof rating and a 60-degree viewing angle.  

One of the best features Bluefire sewer cameras have is a semi-rigid flexible cable. Most cable needs to roll around to stay straight, but with this, your cable will stay rigid for a better angle.

Best Sewer Camera Buying Guide

Camera Size

One of the most important specs of a sewer camera is the camera itself. When you are looking for the best sewer camera, make sure you buy a smaller one so that it can fit in a smaller space. Make sure that the camera size is not bigger than 2 inches because 2 inches is a standard size of any sewer camera.  


Its a rule of thumb when you try to select a sewer camera that finds better resolution with a camera than in monitor. That is useful because then you can watch the footage on a bigger screen. That’s why make sure that the camera has better resolution.

Radio Transmission

The point of finding the blockage or leak to find the exact location and radio transmission help you do that. Radio transmission can give you a precise location. 


Basically, you will insert a camera in the sewer so it will need to be waterproof.  Mostly they are rated in IP68 waterproof rating which means its high water resistance and proof. For that, you also need a high-grade casing, so that water won’t be leaked into the camera. Mostly they came in a stainless steel casing that doesn’t degrade under any chemical contact.

Lighting Quality

It’s imperative to get light inside the sewer, not only at night but in the day time too. That’s why most sewer camera comes with LED lights fixed at camera head. Better sewer cameras have better and more lights, so make sure that you choose a sewer camera that has adequate lighting. 


Storing your damaged sewers video is important. For professionals, you need to show your client exactly where the fault is and how big it is. If you are using it for yourself, even then you need bigger storage. Make sure that you buy a sewer camera with a memory card or a USB slot to save images and videos. 

Cable Length 

To view inside the sewer you need an inspection probe and for that, you need a longer cable. It all depends on where you want to use it, if it’s too deep then find a longer cord, if you are using for other uses then the shorter cable can make do.

Probe Diameter

Cable diameter is always smaller than camera size and that is a good feature. That is because sewers are not always straight, and cable needs to bend as well and smaller diameter is helpful when it has a smaller size.

Monitor Hub

The monitor hub is where you watch the sewer camera footage live. Some sewer cameras have monitor hub, remote, and everything attached to a handheld device and in other everything comes separately. It depends on which kind of system you would prefer in your sewer camera. 

Best Cheap Sewer Camera FAQ

1.Who makes the best inspection camera?

Ridgid sewer cameras are best in the market. If you are looking for some of the best features and high-quality sewer camera, then you can go for RIDGID 40798 SeeSnake.

2.What is the best Android endoscope?

If you are looking for wifi enable android endoscope then you can go for BlueFire Sewer Camera. This best sewer camera weighs around just 1 pound and can be used on Apple and Android.

3.What is the best cheap sewer camera?

Teslong Inspection Camera is one of the cheap which has better features as well. It’s an affordable sewer camera that works well everywhere. 

4.Is a sewer scope worth it?

Most people think that buying a sewer camera is waste of money. You don’t need that everyday then why purchase an expensive item? Its because sewer leakage or blockage is very expensive to repair and even if you hire a professional, their visit is going to be the same as the sewer camera. It’s better to be prepared than pay later. 


In this article, we have listed best cheap sewer cameras in the market. We have also written a buying guide for sewer cameras, so you can choose them by their features and no need to look anywhere else.

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