Best Clay Pigeon Thrower In 2021 [Reviews and buying Guide]

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Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap - Best Skeet Thrower

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WingOne W1-L Clay Pigeon Thrower - Best handheld

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TRIUS 10201 One Step Trap - Best one step thrower

Clay pigeon shooting is a fun sport for young and adults as well. For all of those who are dedicated clay pigeon shooters who need to practice their hunting skills, we have created a list of the best clay pigeon throwers in the market.

Every clay shooter requires a clay pigeon thrower. They need a stable clay pigeon thrower which can shoot clay with accuracy and consistency. It also needs to be powerful enough to throw further, because the whole point of this is to replicate a bird.

In this article, we have compiled a list of best clay pigeon thrower in the market. We have considered every feature and specification for that. If you are wondering about what to look for in a clay pigeon thrower, then we have included a buying guide as well.

Every clay shooter has a different type of requirement, some people just want to shoot clay in peace without interruption, some need more range to test their skills and some opt for a different approach, such as various in angle. Most of them just want to shoot the clay pigeon alone.

That’s why in this article, we have included three types of clay pigeon thrower. For uninterrupted shooting, we have automatic clay pigeon thrower. For a wider range, we have spring-activated clay pigeon thrower and for those who need to test their shooting skills, we have handheld clay pigeon thrower which is unpredictable as well. 

Clay shooting is not just for fun sometimes, it requires focus and accuracy and only a true marksman can do that. With a clay pigeon shooter, you can hone your skills for better and show it off to your friends. By choosing the right clay pigeon thrower, you will get better at shooting and enjoy it as well.

Best Clay Pigeon Thrower 2020

Clay pigeon thrower, skeet thrower, or trap thrower, all are the same things when it comes to clay pigeon shooting. Champion produces some of the most famous and best clay pigeon thrower in the market. Champion wheelybird comes with two wheels and pull handles to move them around easily. Champion clay pigeon thrower has a range of 55 yards which is a great clay pigeon throw for any enthusiast. It also has a 25 foot wired paddle that can be operated by stepping on it.

Champion wheelybird has an adjustable angle which can be changed to 30 degrees elevation. It has 2 second reload time, it means no interruption in the shooting. It has 50 target capacity which fits standard size clay.  More than 3,000 throws from a fully charged 12-volt deep cycle battery.

Do-all outdoors is one of the leading manufacturers that makes the best clay pigeon thrower in the market. You can stack up a total of 50 clay pigeons for your target practice in one go. It has a 55-yard range which is impressive and 2.5 seconds recycle time. That means farther the target, more clay pigeon to shoot, and with no interruption. You can also adjust the target angle from 5 degrees to 35 degrees for better shooting practice.

Do-all outdoors has a body frame and is made from aircraft aluminum for heavy-duty target practice. The feeder tray is smooth, so the target would fly off more smoothly and frictionless. Ground spikes are for better hold and they absorb the vibration as well. It has a 25-foot paddle and a wireless remote for releasing the clay pigeon. All of this made Do-all outdoors clay pigeon thrower a best seller. 

Everyone who loves to shoot clay pigeon knows that there is nothing better than manual clay pigeon thrower. TRIUS 10201 is one of the best in the market for one step clay pigeon thrower. There are not many moving parts so you don’t need to worry about assembly. Also, it weighs around 21 pounds so its lightweight. Despite being lightweight, it made from steel, so it’s tough and rigid. One of the best things about it is, you don’t need any battery or any other equipment for this, just step on the pedal and it will throw the pigeon clay. That’s why it’s called a one step trap, because its manual clay pigeon throwers. 

It can throw up to 50 yards and that is impressive for a manual trap thrower. It has Trius TrueSpin Technology, which makes sure that your clay pigeon gets optimal spin for better target practice. Because of this, we have to add this to out best clay pigeon thrower list. Also, you can throw two clay pigeons at ones for a more competitive shooting experience.

There are many automatic clay pigeon thrower in the market and some manual pedal thrower as well, but all of them are missing something small yet significant, throwing angle. You can adjust their angle for a few degrees for better practice but they have limits, on the other hand, handheld clay pigeon thrower has no limit. Wingone is one of the best clay pigeon throwers in the handheld category in the market.

You just need to load the clay in the wire carrier and pull it back behind, this will cock it backward and throw. It has an automatic cock mechanism that will make sure that your clay pigeon is loaded and ready to go at distance. Wingone clay pigeon thrower is one of the best and budget-friendly trap thrower in the market.

Just like the other handheld clay pigeon thrower, it has almost the same mechanism. One of the main differences is, it made of plastic and has a more user-friendly design. Throwing clay pigeon has made easy with this and you can throw it further without tired your hand. It has ergonomic palm swell and comfort grip finger grooves for more comfort.

MTM has one of the most innovative designs and cheapest in the market and that’s why we have added this to our best clay pigeon thrower list. It has a patent-pending Power Pivot Arm, which makes sure that your clay pigeon can go further than other handheld trap thrower with ease. It requires no maintenance and uses standard clay pigeon in the market to throw. 

There are many great designs in the clay pigeon thrower category and this one is one of them. It’s a manual trap thrower so it does not require any batteries. All you need to do is push the clay pigeon inside and pull the trigger. It has a horizontal drum-type design that fits Standard, Midi, Mini, Stacked or Nested, 2 Midis, 2 Minis types of clay pigeon.

We have added this to our best clay pigeon thrower in the market because of its design and throwing range. It can shoot up to 60 yards, which is farther than any other trap thrower on our list. Because of its design, you don’t need to throw it physically, you can just load it and push the trigger. This way you can throw as many clay pigeons you want without tiring your arm.

Best Clay pigeon thrower buying guide

Finding the right clay pigeon thrower is important because your whole shooting experience depends on it. That’s why we have gathered some of the best trap throwers or skeet throwers in the market. But if you are still confused and don’t know how to choose a clay pigeon thrower than we have also created a buying guide. 

There are three types of Clay pigeon thrower in the market.

Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower

In this type of clay thrower, all you need to do is set up the thrower and load it with a clay pigeon and press the paddle. You can shoot up to 50 clay pigeons at one go with almost no interruption. This device can be operated by one person as well. Most of them can adjust the throwing angle for better shooting practice. One of the main drawbacks is, they are heavy and hard to move around. But this one is best for rapid shooting or shooting with friends.

Spring Activated Manual Thrower

This type of clay pigeon thrower is almost the same as automatic one, the difference is, they don’t have a battery. You just need to set it up, load the clay, and press on the spring paddle to throw. They are most affordable and have a throwing range up to 50 yards. One of the main benefits is, you can use it on your own. Just load the clay pigeon and shoot. What we don’t like is manual loading, you need to load it every single time for shooting. 

Handheld Thrower

This one is more basic in this category. All you need to do is load the clay pigeon and throw it. Most handheld thrower doesn’t need much throwing power and can be done by anyone. These are the cheapest clay pigeon thrower in the market and don’t require any maintenance. What we don’t like is you need two people to do the job. One for shooting and one for loading and throwing the clay pigeon. Also, even with good design, your hand will get tired of all those throwings. 

Now let’s talk about specs and features you need in your clay pigeon thrower. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Clay Pigeon Thrower


One of the best clay pigeon throwers are easy to move around and throw. You don’t want a heavyweight machine which takes half-hour just to drag around. Most automatic clay throwers are made from steels which makes them heavy. Spring activated is also crafted from steel but without any moving parts, they are lighter. The best portable clay pigeon thrower is a handheld trap thrower.


How far it can throw? Most automatic clay pigeon throwers are ranged up to 50 to 55 yards. Others are the same, but some handheld clay throwers can get up to 60 yards. Shooting a clay pigeon at distance is one of the most challenging and fun parts, so make sure to select one with a higher range.

Ease Of Use

If it takes 20 or 30 minutes just to set it up than it doesn’t worth it. Most automatic clay throwers just need to load the clay and they are ready to go. Spring activated need to load every single time and handheld trap thrower is just the same. What makes them apart is how much effort you need to put in. handheld trap thrower will make your arm tired. Spring activated need to be loaded every single time, but automatic clay thrower doesn’t need reloading even for 50 or 100 clay pigeon throw.


When a clay pigeon is being launched in the air, the throwing mechanism needs to be stable. It matters the most in automatic and spring-activated throwers because they are connected to the ground. Slight vibration and clay will change its direction or wobble around. Most thrower comes with stable ground spikes which make sure that the whole unit stays at one place and stable.

Singles Or Doubles

Most of the thrower in our list is capable of throwing single clay pigeon. If you need a double-throw, then you need to look for that specification when you want to buy a clay pigeon thrower.

Best Clay Pigeon Thrower FAQ

1.What is the best automatic clay pigeon thrower?

Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is one of the best clay pigeon throwers in the market with an automatic mechanism. 

2.What is the best handheld clay pigeon thrower?

WingOne W1-L Clay Pigeon Thrower is the best clay pigeon thrower in the handheld category.

3.How does a clay pigeon thrower work?

Basically, there is a shooting unit and clay feeding unit attached to each other. They are connected by a trigger mechanism which once activated, feeds the shooter with clay and it will shot it out.

4.Best Cheap Clay pigeon thrower?

MTM Case-Gard EZ-3 is one of the cheapest clay pigeon throwers in the market. It has a handheld design and it has a fraction of the price of other clay throwers. 


We hope that this article will help you find the best clay pigeon thrower in the market. If you are wondering what type of feature you need in your clay thrower, you can check our buying guide to know more. If you have more questions than you can check our frequently asked question about clay pigeon thrower.

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