Best EVAP Smoke Machine For Money 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

First Choice

Vacutec 2000E (All in One)

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Redline Detection 95-0003c

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Mrcartool t110 (Budget Friendly)

We have all face this problem somewhere along the line when the engine light starts beeping and thought of something is broken occurs in our mind. Most of the time its the EVAP system and for that, we have the best EVAP smoke machine for you in this article. 

Basically, the core fundamental of EVAP is simple. Our engine uses gasoline vapors in the engine and when a leak occurs it goes outside. Now those vapors are harmful to humans and for the environment and it will hurt your mileage as well.

The best way to find those leaks is to use the EVAP smoke machine. Many in the market provide some of the best features of EVAP smoke machines, but how to know which one to buy? That’s why we have created an EVAP smoke machine buying guide.

Best EVAP Smoke Machine For Money 2020

OTC 6522 LeakTamer is one of the best high performing and best industry standards EVAP Smoke Machine in the market right now. We have picked this machine for its 80% detection of EVAP system fault code. It uses high-quality UltraTrace UV dye to make the dyed smoke visible in UV light. It has the capability of detecting 0.01 inch which can be considered as a micro leak and hard to locate with some of the other EVAP smoke machines. 

We know that we can rely on machine but we also need the freedom to make changes as well and that’s why it has smoke flow control that can be adjusted by the user. Because of its micro leak detection features, this machine is also used by HVAC specialists. OTC 6522 LeakTamer have the technology to deliver on OEM approved smoke compound that can easily be detected because of the improved visualization. It has simple easy to read flow meter for the user to know the exact size of the leak. 

This EVAP smoke machine is compact and portable to use, weight around 9.5 pounds, and 9-inch*7-inch*14-inch size it’s easy to carry around as well.

Now let’s talk about what we get in the box, Smoke machine (the LeakTamer unit), Schrader installation tool, service port adapter, cap plug adapters, exhaust adapter cone, laser pointer with white/UV combination, UV glasses, and an 8-ounce UltraTrace-UV smoke producing solution. In short, with just one product we get everything we need to ever to use.

For the EVAP smoke machine, let’s talk about built and all other characteristics as well. You need 3 size-AA batteries that came with the unit and need to put it in the battery compartment. Machines run on 12 volt DC with 15Amp. The smoke machine feeds the smoke at 12 liters per hour rate and supply pressures are 0.47psi. The optimal temperature needs to be around 0 to 60 degrees centigrade. 

This EVAP smoke machine has two 10 foot supply line, a 10foot remote starter cable, and a 10foot power line. There are many important features available in this EVAP smoke machine and one can easily learn to recognize and use them as well. Because of all these features and tools that come with the unit, we have listed OTC 6522 LeakTamer in our best EVAP smoke machine.

Redline Detection 95-0003c or smoke pro total tech is one of the best selling EVAP smoke machines in the market. It’s a battery-powered high-quality machine that offers complete EVAP leaks solution. This machine uses two methods to flush out the EVAP leaks, smoke vapors, and non-dyed proprietary shops. This model can detect micro leaks up to 0.01inch in diameter. This machine uses an OEM-approved patented technology smoke compound to find leaks and it has flow meter so that the user can find the exact size of the leak.

This is one of the most lightweight and portable EVAP smoke machines that weight around 7 pounds that comes in the cylindrical form of 5-inch by 11-inch. When purchasing this product, you will also get a service port adapter, cap plug adapters, exhaust adapter cone, Schrader installation tool, and an OEM-approved smoke-producing solution, instructional DVD, a halogen inspection light and an Accessory Storage Case.

This EVAP smoke machine runs on 12 volts DC power. Machines feed the smoke at 0.47psi and the optimal temperature is -17 degrees centigrade to 42 degrees centigrade. All the tools and equipment that came with this unit are easy to use and doesn’t require maintenance. With better accuracy and reduced search time, this product is one of the best in the market.

Autool leak detector is battery powered high-quality EVAP smoke machine. It has a flow-meter pressure gauge at the front so that the user would immediately find out about the leak and size. This is a multipurpose leak detector that can be used on vehicles like a boat, motorcycles, and more. This unit can also check the fuel system and air-intake system for leaks. Autool leak detector comes with a special adapter that can fit into to EVAP system.

It also has an inbuilt air compressor and an instant smoke generation mechanism. There are other features as well like, adjustable flow-meter and pressure gauge that allows the user to adjust the smoke output. We have put this product in our list of best EVAP smoke machine because it has self-protective safety features which prevent it from overload. This machine uses 12V DC and the Smoke output rate is 6L/min.

This machine uses special oil to create smoke that detects EVAP system leaks. The machine comes with two bottles of that special oil and the machine uses patented technology to produce an OEM-approved smoke compound. This EVAP smoke machine weighs about 9.92pounds that make it lightweight as well. The machine comes with Endcap kits.

Taper plug, Taper pipe, Air Sac, 2 Oil bottle, and User manual.

This is one of the most budget-friendly and Best EVAP smoke machine in the market right now. It uses mineral oil to produce smoke that can locate the leaks. As the machine uses mineral oil or you can use baby oil, it does not contain any toxic particle that can hurt you or erode the pipes in your car. This model contains a special adapter that can be fitted in the EVAP system.

This machine uses patented Smoke-Tek technology to deliver the OEM-approved smoke compound to find any leaks. It also has flow meter which is useful to find the size of that leak.

This is one of the lightest weight and portable machine in our list as it weighs around 5 pounds only. It has a Tapered smoke tip to fit variety sets of hoses. You can also control the flow of smoke with the control valve. The machine can detect up to 0.02inches in diameter. In the box, you will get a smoke machine, medical-grade mineral oil, taper plug, taper pipe, and a user manual.

This is one of the most Heavy-duty, multipurpose all-rounder tools in our best EVAP smoke machine list. this machine came with some of the extra features which we can use other than EVAP smoke machine as well. it has a Two-minute Pass / Fail feature verifies .040in or .020in leaks in OBD-II vehicles and it makes our job easier. with this machine, you can use Patented UltraTraceUV technology deposits a fluorescent dye at the exact location of the leaks. that is more points for accuracy and saved time.

Diagnostic Smoke exits the leaks in seconds making this the fastest method of leak detection in our list. along with the machine, you will also get a heavy-duty 400,000 candle power halogen spotlight makes the existing smoke even easier to see. you will also get a smoke solution which is 16 oz. bottle of OEM-Approved UV smoke producing solution, good for about 500 tests. you can also use this product for Vacuum Leaks

Exhaust and EGR Leaks, Under Dash Leaks, Throttle Body Components, Brake Booster Leaks, Turbo and Supercharger, Head Gasket Leaks, Vacuum Subsystems, Injector O-Ring Leaks and more. that is more than enough leak test for any EVAP smoke machine. 

This machine weighs around 32 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest EVAP machines in our list. this machine is 20-inch*13.5-inch*22-inch in diameter and with this machine, you will also get a service port adapter, a cap plug adapters, an exhaust adapter cone, a Schrader installation tool, and the UltraTrace-UV smoke producing solution.

We have added this to our Best EVAP smoke machine list because it fits right in with affordable EVAP leak detectors. it can be used in cars or motorcycles for EVAP system leaks, intake system, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, and more. it runs on 12 DC power and produces fast and thick smoke to detect any small leaks. 

It has two modes to find any leaks with air modes and smoke modes. you can use mineral oil or baby oil as a smoke solution so that it won’t be toxic to humans or the environment. the smoke output value is 6 liters per minute and has an over-heat protective system that can save the machine from overheating. 

The machine comes with other important tools as well such as Hook (with hand-tighten nuts), Smoke output tube power cableRubber stopples (with serial specification), Taper stopple, Taper pipe, oil bottle, and User manual. 

Buying Guide for Best EVAP Smoke Machine


While there are many EVAP smoke machine out there which can function exactly the way you wanted, but to operate them effectively, you need them in a smaller size. Portal EVAP smoke machines allow you to move around the car and can easily move around as well. If you are opting for private usage, then any EVAP smoke machine can do, but if you want to use it commercially, it will take a lot of time to move around a bulky product. 

Micro leak

We all know that finding a leak in the EVAP system is not an easy task. Most EVAP smoke machines can flush out any leaks but it’s not enough for micro leaks that are 0.010inch. Most EVAP smoke machines can detect that kind of leaks but others allow you to find a little bigger leaks. Make sure that your EVAP smoke machine is good enough to find at least around that diameters.

There are other parameters you can look for as well but these are one of the most important features you need to look for in EVAP smoke machine. We have compiled some of the best EVAP Smoke machines in the market right now. Let’s look at them and find out which is the best fit for your requirement. 

Best EVAP Smoke Machine FAQ

1. How does an EVAP smoke machine work?

EVAP smoke machines can pump the smoke into your car’s EVAP system to find any visible leaks. many EVAP machines in the market use UV solution for better visibility.

2.What is the best EVAP Smoke machine on amazon?

OTC 6522 LeakTamer is one of the best EVAP Smoke machine in the market. it has UltraTrace UV Dye and micro leaks detection that can find small leaks up to 0.010inch. 

3.What is the best EVAP smoke machine for home usage?

Redline Detection 95-0003c is one of the best EVAP Smoke machine for home usage. It weigh around 7 pounds so that its more portable and light weight.

4.What type of solution needed in EVAP smoke machine?

most EVAP smoke machine uses patented OEM approved formula that can be purchased anywhere. other machines like Smoke-tek EVAP Smoke Machine which uses mineral oil or baby oil for non toxic vapors. 

5.Does EVAP leak affect gas mileage?

Yes, it does. Gasoline easily turn to vapors and when leak occurs it will lower the fuel economy as well. Thats why its advisable to use EVAP smoke machine to find leaks as soon as possible.


Repair shop charges around 150$ to 400$ for every EVAP leak check and its not affordable for everyone. better to find the best EVAP smoke machine in your price range and check the leaks at home, by that you will manage to get your returns in a few months. we hope that this article will help you find the EVAP smokes machine which is best suited for you.

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