Best HVAC Tool Backpack For Money 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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DEWALT DGL523 - Backpack with LED light

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Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC- Best Seller

If you are an HVAC professional, then you would know how important and valuables your tools are. You always need to be ready to go anywhere and solve any problems for that you need a backpack. That’s why we have compiled a list of Best HVAC Tool backpack.

Tool backpacks are part of the job because it carries your tools. You need weatherproof material for the all-season purposes, more pockets for your tools, and ergonomic design for more comfort. 

Buying a tool backpack needs to be decided carefully because you need to work with them daily. In this article, we have added some of the best HVAC tool backpacks in the market with all the features you need. Let’s look at the top 5 HVAC tool backpack of this year. 

Best HVAC Tool Backpack For Money 2020

Veto Pro Pac is one of the most reliable company when it comes to Technical backpack. Their backpacks are designed to carry more tools, withstand any weather, and provide comfort to those who wear them. That’s why we have added the on the top of our best HVAC Tool Backpack list. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC has 2 storage bays and 4 storage platforms in a non-tipping, stable environment. This would create lot of room for tools and other small parts. A total of 56 pockets are available in this bag to store any kind of tool a HAVOC professional needs at any moment. Non-tipping features are one of the most useful ones in their profession and make that happen, they have a 3mm-thick polypropylene base which is weatherproof as well. 

The diameter of this bag is 14.2 inches long * 9.9 inches wide * 21.5 inches height that makes it a perfect backpack to carry around. That round it up to 3,023 cubic inches of storage in that bag which made possible by smart design. Two storage bays and in the total 2 other storage platform, it mean in one compartment, both side can carry tools.  

Now let’s talk about comfort because when you carry this bag all day long, it needs to be comfortable too. It has an ergonomic design and EVA padding so that the person who is carrying this backpack won’t feel tired. It also has a stiff backplate which reduces drag as well. The tool pockets on the front side are made from 1800-PVC impregnated denier nylon which is a weatherproof fabric. Back inside storge is made from neoprene which is wear-resistance, so that you can put your tools there which might sharp or can damage the bag. Straps are made of thermoplastic rubber which makes sure that the professional feels comfortable. 

For those technicians who don’t need too many tools and just one laptop is sufficient to do the job, Klein Tools HVAC tool Backpack is for you. It has some of the best features any technician need such as a non-tipping base is made from a highly-durable 1680D ballistic weave. That is water, moisture, and environmental elements resistance which makes it a perfect companion for you. It has weatherproof body fabric that features a hard-molded front pocket to store any fragile items such as safety glass and such. 

Inside of the backpack is made out of orange material, that is not a style statement but it’s useful to find any tools. There are two-compartment in total, the back pocket is for laptop and the front side is for tools and that have 25 pockets in total. This HVAC tool backpack weighs around 5.8 pounds and which is lighter than other we just wrote about. The diameter of this bag is 14 inches long*7 inches wide*18.2 inches height which puts it into the medium category.

 It has total 1,784 cubic inches of space inside the backpack, which adequate amount of space to carry all the necessary tools they need. This HVAC tool backpack has comfortable back padding and straps so that the technician won’t get tired. 

For an HVAC professional, what matters the most is how many tools they can have in their backpack. That’s why we have included this to our Best HVAC tool backpack because it has 75 pockets. Yes, 75 multisized pockets to hold all kinds of tool in your backpack and that is more than enough.CLC leathercraft is made of patented DuPont Cordura-Plus fabric which is weatherproof and also known as durable ballistic polyester fabric. It has 6 separate padded compartments for different kinds of tools. 

This multicolor HVAC tool backpack weighs around 5 pounds and that is lightweight compares to others. The diameter of this HVAC tool backpack is 13*9*17.5 inches and has 2,047 cubic inches of space in the bag. Some of the pockets inside this backpack specifically designed for a set of tools such as 14pc of wrench set, electric drill, drill bits, pliers, screwdrivers, testers, and more. This will make sure that your backpack is well organized and you can find any tools swiftly and easily. This HVAC tool backpack is made with ergonomic designed back pads and straps to hold any weight and still give comfort to the person. 

As an HVAC professional, have you been to any place where you need to hold light with one hand and find your tools with others, or maybe it’s a small area and you just have a guess where to find your tool? If yes then DEWALT DGL523 is for you. We have added this to our list of Best HVAC tool backpack because it has small LED light to help you look inside your backpack. For someone who needs to carry around, all these tools welcome any kind of advantage that can save time and this light will save you lot of time. 

This HVAC tool backpack has two-compartment and front pockets which have a total of 57 pockets to put your tools.size of this tool backpack is 8.5*4.5*7.4 inches and 283 cubic inches of spaces in it. With a weight of around 5 pounds, this makes it a medium size HVAC tool backpack and can be used by someone who doesn’t need too many tools. HVAC professional needs a durable tool backpack and that’s why it has base pad feet to avoid wearing and tearing. It has heavy-duty weather resistance material and workspace efficient design with back pads and straps. 

The LED light has 3 adjustable settings and gives an output of 39 Lumens max, for that it has 2 AAA battery which can be replaced easily. Also, it can move around in both directions for the front and back compartment. 

Rugged Tools Pro is one of the backpacks that are known for their durability and use. As we have mentioned before, you need an HVAC tool backpack that can be tossed around, thrown on a hard surface, dragged on rough places, and yet work efficiently, and that’s why you need this tool backpack. If you are a contractor, HVAC repairman, carpenter, plumber, framer, electrician or anyone who needs to carry around tools can use Rugged tools pro. This HVAC tool backpack is made of Heavy Duty 1680 Denier Polyester which is weatherproof. It also has a non-tipping Molded hard bottom which can save your backpack from falling down or any environmental elements such as water, mud, or snow. 

It has 40 tool pockets in total with 34 internal, 4 exteriors, and 2 side pockets to hold any tools. Dimensions of this backpack are 19.5” Height X 14.5” Width X 7.5” Depth and it have around 1,800 cubic inches of space. It can be categories as a large size HVAC tool backpack with 5.5 lbs of weight. For that kind of backpack, you need more comfort as well, and that’s why it has padded shoulder and back. It also has a Sternum Strap to balance and distribute weight and top handle to carry it easily.

Buying Guide For Best HVAC Tool Backpack

If you are still confuse about which HVAC tool backpack to buy then you should read our buying guide below. We have try to made sure all of the requirement in a backpack is included in every product we have mentioned above. Let’s see what you should be looking for in an HVAC tool backpack.


The size of a tool backpack depends on your need. If you need more tools than you should go for large tool backpack. If your job doesn’t require too many tools than better to go with a medium-size because of extra space you can use. If you need your laptop or tablet, then make sure you choose large size tool backpack with a laptop compartment. 

Weight distribution 

This might look something you can take for granted, but it has many workplace applications. A Good HVAC tool backpack always stands on the ground because it makes sure that your tools won’t fall off it place. Also, it’s useful when you carry that backpack on your shoulder. With a good weight distribution, you can adjust your strap and make it more comfortable.

Well organized

A tool backpack needs to be organized so that you can find your tools with ease. That’s why you need pockets that are just for particular types of tools. That way you can easily find those tools. It is time-consuming for someone who needs to work all day and need to find their tools every time they need it. Velcro straps are also useful to organized any small tools as well. 


They are one of the most important part of the HVAC tool backpack. If any of them fails, tools might fall off or water might come in. make sure to check the zippers before buying it. The most common negative review about tool backpack is zipper malfunctioned. Sometimes it’s because of a faulty backpack and sometimes its the zipper mechanism that is faulty. 


If you are wondering more are better, then you are right. HVAC tool backpack with more pockets is bliss for its owner. They can put all the important tools in one backpack without even crowding them at the bottom. More assigned pockets mean easy to find them. Wrench, drills and other important tools need a better kind of pockets too. Some backpack has a hard-bodied pocket for glasses and fragile items as well. Make sure your tools fit in them perfectly otherwise they will fall off.   


Every professional knows that how a good tool backpack had to be thrown away because it has worn off or torn down. Most HVAC tool backpack comes with heavy-duty material so that it will stay intact even after many abuses. Make sure to buy a tool backpack with weather resistance, so that you don’t need to worry about rain or snow and other environmental elements. Make sure to find a good base in your HVAC tool backpack as well because that’s the place it will get more abrasion. The most backpack comes with a good base or molded base so that it won’t be tipped down and waterproof as well. 


When an HVAC professional carries a heavy backpack everywhere, it needs to be comfortable. Without it, why buy a backpack, just carry it around in the toolbox. Backpacks are important part of a backpack, make sure its comfortable and give you lumbar support. Straps are important so the center of gravity is better and you won’t feel any drag while walking or climbing.  

Best HVAC Tool Backpack FAQ

1.What is the best HVAC tool backpack?

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC is one of the best HVAC tool backpacks in the market right now. This veto backpack has more pockets, better material, and EVA padding for more comfort.

2.What is the Best Affordable HVAC tool backpack?

Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly tool backpacks in the market. Despite the price, it has some of the best features such as weatherproof material, 40 pockets, and a non-tipping base. 

3.What is the best HVAC tool backpack with more pockets?

More pockets mean more tools and that is a useful feature to have in your tool backpack. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 has 75 pockets in 6 compartments with padding. 

4.How to choose the Best HVAC tool backpack?

While buying any tool backpack, you need to know a few things first, such as material, pockets, Weight distribution, and more. Once you find all of the features in your backpack, you can rest assured that it will be the best HVAC tool backpack in the market.


In this article, we have listed some of the best HVAC tool backpacks in the market which are the best sellers or most reviewed. We have also included a buying guide for HVAC tool backpack so that you won’t get confused and no need to look anywhere else. 

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