Best Utility Trailer For Money 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Ironton 40in. x 48in - Medium Range

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Bannon Utility Trailer BA1600U - Maximum Hauling

Best Quality/Price

Yutrax Trail Warrior TX158 - Durable Utility Trailer

A utility trailer is useful in every household because everyone needs to haul something every day. Why pay extra to transport goods when you can easily haul them with your utility trailer. Its a practical option and affordable as well, that’s why we have compiled a list of the best Utility trailer in the market just for you. 

You may think that a utility trailer might not come handy, but you would be surprised to know its function. You want to take your lawnmower to other places, bringing firewood or maybe helping your neighbor with his ATV. we have seen people use it to take their dogs out on the farm as well, so there are no specific uses, you can haul anything you want with it.

If you are looking for a new utility trailer that fits all your need then look no further, as we have gathered some of the best utility trailers for you. Whatever your needs and requirement, this trailer can do more than that. We all know that once we get the utility trailer, it will be an all-purpose hauling machine for everyone. Let’s check the list.

Best Utility Trailer 2020

This is one of the toughest and heavy-duty trailers in the market right now. You might think that you don’t need that kind of trailer but why buy a trailer with low carrying capacity and then regret later. We have added this to our Best Utility Trailer list because of its tough built and durable frame made from steel. It has a strong wheel bearing which allows the friction-free movement of the trailer. Also, it has a floatation tire which is sufficient size to help the stability of the trailer as well which came in handy when you go through rough and uneven terrain. With its tilting bed, you can load and unload with ease even with maximum weight. 

Now let’s talk about the trailer size because that is an important spec to know before buying a utility trailer. Yutrax Trail Warrior came with 60-inch in length,31-inch wide, and 20-inch high which is the best specification for any good utility trailer in the market. This utility trailer came with two tires and one axle and tire dimension are 18 x 9 x 8 in inches which is adequate for a good grip and durability of the trailer. This utility trailer can provide a maximum carrying capacity of 1250 lbs which can be adjusted with detachable rails and tailgate.

That is enough for anyone who needs to haul around equipment or anything else. This utility trailer can be categorized as All-terrain-vehicles like Off-road-motorcycles, Street-cruiser-motorcycles, Street-motor-scooters, Street-sport-motorcycles, and Utility-vehicles. That is a lot of options which are suitable for everyone.

This is one of the most useful and handy utility trailers in the market. This trailer has a rugged design and quality construction built for better performance. Frame and deck are made out of heavy-duty finest steel so it will last longer. It has Flared side panels increase storage capacity, it will open outwards to make more storage possibilities. We have added this to our best utility trailer list because its many useful features such as a Built-in front storage tray with liner can hold small components such as battery and others. You can also put your tools on the utility trailers as it came with Chainsaw holders and Tool holders as well. Side panels are removable as well so that it would become a flatbed that could haul more. The tailgate can be folded down and removable too and it can work as a ramp for easy transportation. 

When we talk about the size of this trailer, it’s perfect for anyone. It has a 60-inch in Length and 30-inch Width dimension which is fairly spacious. It has 24 cubic foot space in the utility trailer and it can haul 1600-lb at maximum capacity. One of the best things we liked about this utility trailer is, axle and tire. It has two sets of dual 18-inch pneumatic tires which make it a lot easier to go over rough terrain. This utility trailer also has a Stationary front axle and pivoting rear axle with crawling tires. For towing purposes, it has a Dual-action 3-point hitch with a built-in lift/alignment handle. All of these features and specs simply mean that this utility trailer is the toughest and heavy-duty machine for all-purpose hauling. 

This utility trailer is one of the must-buy items in our list of best utility trailers. It has a solid heavy-duty steel frame and trailer bed for durability. You want to haul sands, gravel, or any heavy load, you can now easily transport it by this utility trailer. Sealed wheel bearings and rugged wide-track tires for use on all types of terrain. 

For more options with the utility trailer, you can use Removable tailgate and mesh side rails. Also, it has Foot release dump latch and tilts trailer bed for easy unloading and the Pass-through axle provides extra ground clearance. Smaller size that can fit in your garage and versatile enough to complete any hauling job. Removable tailgate and mesh side rails are constructed of powder-coated 16 gauge steel for endurance. 

Size of this utility trailer is perfect, it has Dimensions of 85″ (L) X 48″ (W) X 30″ (H), so anything can be fitted perfectly in this. It has 15 cubic feet of space that can haul 1500 lbs at maximum capacity. For more ground 4-ply pneumatic tires with support Tires size of 18″ x 8.5″. Also, the pass-through 1″ axle provides 11″ of ground clearance.


This one is more of a medium category, for people with smaller garage or lower hauling capacity. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t build for heavy-duty jobs, it’s made out of a sturdy steel frame for a long life. These utility trailers are for those who love customization and never satisfied with any product that came out of the box. That’s why it has Built-in slots that allow you to place your own side panels or stake siding to keep the load contained. Add your own decking to create a customized hauler. 

This road-ready Utility trailer meets all the specifications and DOT requirements and is ready to go on the road at up to 45 MPH. We have included this to our best utility trailer list because all this customization and features such as Includes wheel fenders to prevent rocks and debris from damaging cargo.

The size of this utility trailer is perfect fit for anyone who needs haul mulch, dirt, machinery, or anything else. It has a 40in. x 48in size which hauls anything up to 1060 lbs at maximum capacity with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 1200 lbs. This utility trailer also came with a pair of 4.80–12in. Tires that are covered with fenders. If you have regular needs and doesn’t need a big utility trailer, then this one is best suited for you.

We have talked about some of the best and toughest Utility trailers in the market, but if you are not satisfied with them, here comes the beast of all Utility trailers. This heavyweight puller utility trailer has some of the best features you could find in the market. We have added this to our list of best utility trailer because of one feature which we couldn’t find in this price range, an exclusive ram lift system which is electric-powered that easily empties its contents of its 1.10 lb load capacity provision. 

It has four large 25-inch wheels with separate suspension which can make any rough terrain look easy. With these big size tires, comes a heavy-duty Torsion Bar Axle that makes sure the cargo stays stable. If you are wondering how to do it on the road when break applies, no need to worry, it comes with electric brakes that allow better stopping power, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

This is an All-terrain vehicle that can be used in snow, in rain, or any rough places without worries. It has 22 cubic feet space and dimension of 45” Width x 73” Length x 12” Hight which can be useful for anything. Total gross vehicle weight is 1600 lbs and a maximum loading capacity of 1100 lbs. This utility trailer is all in one, all-purpose, all-weather, and all terrine hauling machines that will exceed your expectation and can be useful for almost everything. 

Buying Guide for Best Utility Trailer

We have listed some of the best Utility trailer in the market but are you still confused about buying it. That’s why we have created a buying guide for the best utility trailer. 


Before you buy any utility trailer, you need to decide why you are buying it and how you will use it. It’s important as not all utility trailer can be used for heavy load or more transportation. Do you need more space or your load is fragile and you need better suspension on your utility trailer? Make sure to know how you will use it and then buy it.


Biggers are not always the point, sometimes smaller is more powerful. When you decide to buy a utility trailer, you need to know how big a trailer you need. Will you be transporting lawn mowers or ATVs on it or it’s just for firewoods and construction material? It will make a big difference as smaller utility trailer is better for goods but bigger ones can haul a bigger load as well. 

Hauling Capacity

One of the most important features in a utility trailer is their hauling capacity. If you need to haul a bigger load then you can buy a utility trailer with a bigger capacity. For small goods and nicknacks, you can opt for lower capacity. It’s better to go for medium size hauling capacity because we would never know when we need to haul something bigger. 

Tyres And Axle 

We might not give them much credit, but tyres are important too. better tyre and suspension makes a big difference when it comes to the uneven and rough terrine. Axles are important because it makes sure your cargo stays stable. 

Panels And Mesh

Utility trailer with a mesh and side panels with a tailgate makes sure that your cargo stays safe and doesn’t fall off. Yes, most people prefer the bed only utility trailer so that they can customize it by themselves, but most of us are just looking for a utility trailer that can fit our cargo perfectly and stay safe even on the road.


Apart from hauling capacity and size, a utility trailer need some features which make it more reliable and durable. Such as electric breaks or electric rim lift or some of the other which compliment the whole utility trailer and make your work easier. 

Best Utility Trailer FAQ

1.What brand of Utility Trailer is best?

We have mentioned some of the best brands in the market for a utility trailer, but if we have to choose one, we would go for Yutrax Trail Warrior TX158. This utility trailer has better hauling capacity and better design. 

2.How do I choose a utility trailer?

You need to know a few things before you can choose a utility trailer such as how will you use it, size, maximum hauling capacity, design, and other features. Make sure you know the purpose of buying a utility trailer before you make a purchase. 

3.How much weight can a utility trailer hold?

It depends on the utility trailers’ gross vehicle weight and maximum hauling capacity. From our list of best utility trailer, Bannon Utility Trailer BA1600U has a maximum hauling capacity of 1600lbs. 

4.What sizes do utility trailers come in?

There are many trailers that came with different sizes and dimensions. From our list, MotoAlliance Impact have size of 85″ (L) X 48″ (W) X 30″ (H) that can haul 1500lbs.


We hope that this article has provided you with more information and better choices for utility trailer. We have also included the Best utility trailer buying guide for your convenience.

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